What is the best haircut for me?


The best haircut for anyone is dependent on the shape of the face of an individual. Different shapes of the face include square, oval, heart, round and long. Select haircuts that cover up what you consider flaws on your face and that compliment your face.
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This depends on what type of hair one prefers to see. The best haircut for any individual person depends on their personal preferences, face shape, and many other factors. Mine! :
high and tight haircut. Number 1 and 2 or you can get a buzz cut.
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The best haircut for you should be determined by the shape of your face. Different shapes of faces will wear different hair styles for a complete beautiful look. This using of the face shape to shape your hair will not only help achieve good looks but also helps to also to emphasise on your best features.
A haircut will depend on the shape of the face e.g. for oval shape with thick hair, you could go for a sexy short fringe or one that is long and blunt. For fine hair, a long wispy fringe is fine.
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