Best Car for a Demolition Derby?


The best kind of car to run in a demolition derby is an older car made of actual metal (steel) rather than plastic and fiberglass. Older cars tend to hold up better and always seem to win our fair's derby.
Q&A Related to "Best Car for a Demolition Derby?"
1. Find a heavier older car that still has some zip to it. It's not very important that there are some rust spots on the car. The gas guzzlers of tend to have the biggest advantage.
1. Find an older car that fits the rules of your intended demolition derby. Some demolition derbies will only allow American hardtop cars, or station wagons. Some even allow hearses
I like full frame cars with leaf springs. Seem to help the frame fold up rather than down. If the frame goes down wheels come up and UR done.
They are cars that are retrofitted to be able to survive car crashes in a demolition
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