What is the best way to clean a hardwood floor?


The best method for cleaning hardwood floors is by first vacuuming with a soft brush to remove loose dirt then spray lightly with an ideal commercial wood cleaner such as Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner. The floor is then cleaned with either a cleaning pad or a well wrung-out mop.
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First, dust it with some sort of light dusting thing to remove debris, like a swiffer. Then just use a damp mop. The reason you want to remove debris first like sand or grit is
Answer Buy a hardwood cleaner kit. Its an alcohol based cleaner you use with a soft terry cloth. After vacuuming or sweeping, spray on and immediately wipe clean. Never use a steam
Laminate flooring looks and feels much like hardwood. Laminate looks like wood, and even feels similar to hardwood flooring. It is available in a variety of finishes and colors, the
Sweep regularly to prevent scuffing,or use vacuum without beater bar;
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The best way to clean hardwood floors is by using a damp cloth/mop to remove dust and dirt particles. This should be done daily. Once a week, the floor should be polished with a water-based wax.
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