What Is the Best Rat Bait?


There are a number of rat baits which are recommended for catching rats. One of them is peanut butter which has a strong aroma and thus attracts rats. You may also tie a piece of bacon on a bit of string to draw out the rat. Ensure that your hinges and trigger mechanisms are lubricated properly to ensure functionality.
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1. Purchase poison rat bait or rat snap traps. The poison's smell will attract the rats, entice them to eat, then let them run away to die. The downside is that the rat might leave
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According to profession terminators, the best bait for a rat is peanut butter. This is so because peanut butter smells sweet to rats and it is not easily portable hence they cannot run away with the bait.
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The best bait to catch a rat is one that is accepted by the rat and not easily removed from the trigger, for example you can use soft strings, cotton balls or ...
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Every exterminator has their own tricks of the trade, but the most effective bait for rat traps is normally considered to be peanut butter. Any sticky food works ...
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