What Is the Best Scooter on the Market?


There are several good scooter models in the market but Honda Silverwing suits best scooterists who prefer the maxi-style of riding. The Silverwing has powerful 582cc engine making it ideal for touring and speed you up the motorway. An additional feature that makes it convenient for tour is that it has a spacious storage compartment under the seat.
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Vespa LX 50
Est. Price: $3300
If you plan to scoot around town at low speeds, experts say the Vespa LX 50's... Read More »
Kymco People 150
Est. Price: $2800
The Kymco People 150 costs less than the Vespa LX 50 (MSRP: $3,300), and yet... Read More »
Vespa GTS 250
Est. Price: $6000
No scooter gets more nods from reviewers than the Vespa GTS 250. Its classic... Read More »
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{The fastest 50cc moped was a Kreidler. Henk van Kessel rode 140 miles/hour (226 km/u) in 1977. Kreidler went bankrupt in 1983, but the mopeds are still for sale second hand, and
The best depends on the person. Kymco has a few really good 50cc's that you should check out. The Super 9 is a great bike with a lot of aftermarket parts and is more for the sporty
The Kymco Super 9 should hit 47mph stock. The fastest
As far as our company's strategy is concerned, we want to have a presence in the entire two-wheeler market. We had always wanted to enter this market, but under the contract between
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The best gas scooter on the market is a matter of opinion. Some of the top selling gas scooters in the United States include the Vespa Gas Scooter and the Jonway ...
Best, probably a Vespa. My choice , one of the japanese scoots. ...
Buying a scooter may cost a pretty penny up front, but the price is nothing compared to a car and rising gas prices. Here are a few of the best scooters on the ...
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