What Is the Best SD Card to Use with an EOS Rebel T2i?


Since the Canon EOS Rebel T2i digital SLR camera is capable of using a SDXC memory card, that would be my recommendation. It allows for large storage capacity and is great for storing video files. They are also capable of using the Eye-Fi SD card which allows you to connect and upload your images right to the internet from the camera. That is a truly awesome feature for bloggers and reporters.
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Insert the compact flash card that needs to be formatted. Open
1. Open the camera card slot. Hold the camera with the LCD screen facing you. Set the camera's power switch to "Off. The card slot is on the right side of the case and is protected
Just bought one from from Abe's of Maine for a good price along with no shipping/tax. I was also able to find a promo code to get even more off the price. http://www.abesofmaine.com
Rebels do not take micro SD cards as far as I know. They take regular SD cards. You need to sit down and read your instruction manual. Then read it again slowly with the camera in
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