What is the best steam mop?


One of the best steam mops on the market is the Haan fs-20 plus steam mop. This is because this mop lets you clean and sanitise hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals. It is also quick and efficient.
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Steam Mops Review
A well-designed steam mop can clean and disinfect floors quickly and easily, and is more effective than a regular mop and bucket. Some can also disinfect, killing germs and mold without harsh chemicals. Extra accessories... Read More »
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Top Steam Mops Reviews
Oreck Steam-it
Est. Price: $150
The Oreck Steam-it is a versatile steam mop, capable of tackling grime... Read More »
Reliable Steamboy T2
Est. Price: $130
Reviewers say the Reliable Steamboy T2 offers the most powerful combination... Read More »
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