When is the best time to plant grass seed in the UK?


The best time to plant grass seed in the UK is during spring or fall. This is because there is adequate sun and water available.
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Directions for planting Quick Lawn grass seed advise homeowners to plant when daytime temperatures are 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In most regions, early fall is the best time to plant
when lows are above 60 degrees.
Best time of year to establish a lawn.hands down.is in the fall once summer's heat has left and before the soil temperarture falls below 50°F (10°C) Kill off the weeds mid-to-late
The best time to plant
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Grass seed can be planted in the spring with good results, but most gardening experts recommend planting it in early fall before the first frost. Seasons, however, is not the only factor that should determine when to plant grass seed since there are other considerations as well.
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