What is the best toilet on the market?


According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average toilet is expected to last the lifetime of the homeowner without a hitch. The all-time favorite toilet to use and install is the Toto Ultimate. It is acclaimed for its comfortable height at 16' which comes in elongated 1.6 gallon flush. Although made in the USA, Toto is a Japanese brand
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Vinegar is one of the most effective, natural cleaners, and it has many uses around the house. Distilled white vinegar works as a toilet bowl cleaner, especially when combined with
We've used cloth wipes for our daughter's butt her whole life (she's 2 now) Maybe it's hypocritical but I still use toilet paper on my own butt. I'm sure it would work on an adult
Crane, American Standard are decent brands.
you can buy special bags with solidifying gel to line them with making disposal problem free if you haven't got chemical waste facilities while your bathroom is unusable. Asker's
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Toilets Review
Toilets are almost universal home fixtures. In recent years, manufacturers have focused on making toilets more water-efficient, as well as bacteria-resistant, easier to clean and better at single-flush bowl clearing.... Read More »
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Toto Drake CST744SG-01
Est. Price: $250
Reviewers say the Toto Drake CST744SG-01 practically cleans itself, allowing... Read More »
Toto Drake II CST454CEFG-01
Est. Price: $330
When it comes to conserving water, few models are more efficient than the... Read More »
Roca W+W
Est. Price: $4000
The Roca W+W (aka washbasin and water closet) has won multiple design awards... Read More »
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