What Is the Best Way to Ask a Boy Out?


Start a conversation and find out what he likes to do. Then suggest that you two go on a similar outing. You can even say, 'hey, do you want to go to...', or, 'do you want to hang out sometime'. The only bad move is no move.
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To ask a boy out, all you need is confidence. Muster up the courage to approach him, whether by phone or in person. Bring your invitation up in a casual conversation, making the situation
When you first realize you like a boy, make sure your feelings are not based on any outside influences, but rather truly the way you feel. Gauge, as best as you can, whether the boy
From our video partners How to ask a boy on a date I myself is a boy so a would say just go up and ask him. Some boys like myself are a little shy around women so even if we like
1 Become friends with him first. If you ask to soon he will think you are desperate and not really that into him, and that you just want a bit of fun. Ad 2 Be confident. Guys can
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