What Is the Best Way to Catch a Rat?


The best way to catch a rat is with a snap trap which look just like mouse traps except bigger. They are cheap, easy to set and easy to empty. Rats stay close to the ground and live near the walls of your home's foundation. In order to find the rat nests in these situations, you may need to get under your house in its crawl space.
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How to Catch a Rat
Having a rat loose in a home or office can be frightening, but there are several ways to catch it. You can catch a rat in a way that will kill it instantly, or you can trap it so it can be released later.... More »
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The best way to catch a rat is by using a rat trap, which is bigger than a mouse trap. Alternatively, you can also get a domestic cat, though they tend to be overwhelmed with the rapid rate of reproduction in rats.
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