What is the best way to cheer someone up through a text message?


The best way to cheer someone up with a text message depends on the person receiving the text. There are as many ways to cheer someone up with a text message, as there are people. Most people respond better to personal, heartfelt messages than generic platitudes.

Personal photos offer the sender a good way to take attention away from whatever is depressing the other person. Emoticons and emojis are fun and often cheerful because they are silly and sweet; however, too many emoticons and emojis can sometimes come across as childish or insincere.

Psychology Today suggests cheering someone up by sending a link to a song or video that makes the person laugh or smile. Anything silly or clever quickly brightens a person's day. The most important thing for the sender to do is hit “send.” No matter what the text message says, as long as it is not mean, it lets the receiver know someone is thinking of him. The sender must be sure the text message is appropriate to the type of relationship he has with the other person. If the sender knows the receiver well, he learns what type of text message works best to cheer up the receiver.

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Same way you would IRL: Compliment her and tell her
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dont send nude pix he could end up forwarding that to his friends OR they could wind up on the internet (vanessa hudgens) just send something flirty .. the tub thing might actually
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