What Is the Best Way to Clean Aluminium?


The best way to clean Aluminium is to wash it thoroughly with hot water and soap. You could also use some vinegar or lemon juice in water to get rid of the oxidation spots. It is not advisable to use abrasives to remove the stubborn spots as this will leave the aluminium with scratches.
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I find that soap, hot water and a normal washcloth do the trick.
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How to Clean Aluminium
Aluminum products can be found throughout the average home. Cookware, serving plates, camping utensils and lawn furniture are all common items that are sometimes made of aluminum. This material is inexpensive and holds up to a lot of abuse.... More »
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Aluminium is a common material used in used in exterior construction like shops, window frames, doors and curtain walls. If cleaned reasonably and properly dirt will be prevented from settling on exposed aluminium. Start with the mildest method possible when cleaning aluminium and progress to the harsher methods step by step. Use plain water, abrasive cleaner, abrasive wax, and wax based polish cleaner and mid soap detergent. Wash the aluminium parts with water thoroughly and dry with clean cloth. Observe maker?s recommendation when using proprietary cleaners. Clean the surface regularly with the correct materials to make the aluminium last long.
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