What Is the Best Way to Clean Cultured Marble?


When cleaning marble never use anything that is abrasive such as cleansers, scouring pads, steel wool since these abrasives scratch the surface. Use an all purpose liquid cleaner when the marble is wet and then scrub the surface using a soft, damp cloth.
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The Best Way to Clean Cultured Marble
Cultured marble is used in many homes as a surface for anything from countertops to molding accents. While browsing the cleaning product aisle of your grocery store, you will quickly notice the expensive cleaning products that are designed to be used on... More »
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You can clean cultured marble with vinegar and a soft cloth. Rinse it well when done, and then you can use a car wax or stone wax to bring back the shine. To find more information
1. Squeegee off any water after taking a shower in a cultured marble shower surround to avoid water spots. If any hard water stains do occur, wipe away with a vinegar soaked cloth
It works. Salt and a lemon half. The salt will act as an abrassive and the slight acidity from the lemon will bring deposites out from the marble. Answer: There are several different
Cultured marble is normally cleaned with a little soap, a mild detergent, or
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Marble is a common design component used in walls and floors in many homes and offices. The best way to clean marble is to wipe it with a damp cloth using a mild ...
To clean stains from cultured marble you will need to take a soft cloth that is moistened with white vinegar and lay on top of the hard water stain. Let it set ...
To clean a marble gravestone, soak the gravestone in water so as to loosen the dirt. Use a wooden scraper or a soft scrub brush to remove algae then a non-ionic ...
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