Best Way to Clean Leather Sofa?


When cleaning a leather sofa one must exercise caution. There is no sure-proof way of cleaning it, so before trying anything, test the cleaning agents on a hidden part of the sofa. In general a leather sofa can be cleaned using a damp cloth with some gentle soap (bathing soap) on it and then dried with a cloth and leather conditioning formula applied. For more specific stains such as ink one can use hairspray to get it off while talcum powder and corn starch could be effective in removing grease.
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The Best Way to Clean a Leather Sofa
Leather is naturally soft, but if you use the wrong products to clean your sofa, the leather can become dry and brittle. Water and leather conditioner are best to clean your sofa, because the conditioner softens the leather and removes stains.... More »
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For daily cleaning, you can simply wipe down your sofa using a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. About once a week, you should polish it with a 2:1 mixture of linseed oil and vinegar. For yough stains, it is best to purchase a specialist leather cleaner.
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