What is the best way to clean old coins?


The best way to clean old coins is by not cleaning the coins at all as you can reduce the monetary value and they are worth more with the toning on them but you can try giving some coins careful washing with things such as warm water and mild detergent. But if you really need to clean, you can begin by washing your hands and then lay down a soft towel after which you set up your soapy bath. Then you can fill a second container with water that is distilled for the final rinse. You then dip the coin in the first soapy container and then in the second container you rinse it.
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Best Way to Clean Old Coins
Out of all coins, older ones are usually the rarest, yet the dirtiest. Some coins have greater value when left alone, and others you should clean before trying to sell to collectors. If the cleaning process damages the coin, the coin's value may decrease... More »
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Cleaning old coins at home is not recommended, since you might damage the coins and decrease their value. Always take them to a professional for claening. If you must clean it youself, you can use a baking soda solution and an old toothbrush, vinegar or ammonia.
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