What Is the Best Way to Clean Silver Jewelry?


The best way to clean silver jewellery at home is to use lemons and lemon juice. Begin by applying the lemon juice directly on the silver jewellery. Next, rub using a soft cloth. Finally, rinse and polish the jewellery. You could also clean the jewellery by brushing it using toothpaste and a soft bristled brush.
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All you need are 4 things: Glass jar with lid Aluminum foil Water Salt (table salt, rock salt and even baking soda as it's a natural salt as well) I use hot water from the tap; for
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The Best Way to Clean Silver Jewelry
The best way to clean silver jewelry is by using toothpaste and a toothbrush to buff the silver, or by pouring hot water onto a piece of jewelry that has been sprinkled with baking soda and set on aluminum. Make tarnished silver jewelry look clean and... More »
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Sterling silver will polish up by rubbing or buffing it with a soft cotton cloth. A chemically treated cloth, like a Sunshine Cloth, makes the job a lot easier and faster. Sterling silver dips are fast and easy.
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To clean sterling silver jewelry, you can buy special cleaners. You can also use a toothbrush and some toothpaste or baking soda to clean it. ...
Cleaning .925 sterling silver jewelry can be done by using a homemade solution of ingredients found around the house. This recie calls for baking soda, water, ...
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