Best Way to Clean Suede?


When cleaning suede rub suede gently with a bath towel to restore some of its nap. Remove dry stains and marks from suede by gently rubbing a pencil eraser on the affected area. For wet stains lay a paper towel on top of stain to absorb most of the liquid. Apply a small amount of white vinegar to a lightly dampened cloth as a last resort for cleaning suede shoes. Gently rub the surface of the shoe with the cloth, and then allow it to air dry. Remember that stains on leather and suede should be professionally treated.
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How to Clean Suede
Despite your best attempts to keep it clean, suede shoes, boots, bags and clothing will get dirty. Suede should never be washed, but only spot cleaned. Optimal suede care begins with a suede eraser -- or use a kneadable eraser that's found in art stores... More »
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The best way to clean suede is with a suede eraser or suede brush. Suede stains very easily, so you should always make sure to clean suede only with products recommended for suede leather rather than general leather cleaners. Vinegar or soap may also be used to clean suede in some cases, but you should always test any cleaning products on an area of the suede item that does not show. Suede stains very easily, so the best way to avoid having to clean suede constantly is by spraying on a good protective spray made exclusively for suede leather.
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