What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Flooring?


The best way to clean vinyl flooring is to sweep frequently, rinse with fresh warm water when needed, and when the floor is dirty enough use an ounce of ammonia or liquid detergent to each gallon to wash and then rinse. Do not use abrasive cleaners or mop and shine products.
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The Best Way to Clean Vinyl Flooring
Part of the appeal of vinyl floors is their durability and ease of maintenance. That doesn't mean they're indestructible, or that there isn't some work involved in keeping them clean. Most vinyl floors have a gloss shine to them, which can get dull and... More »
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One of the best ways to clean vinyl flooring is to use a steam mop on a low setting. The steam will not damage the floors, will disinfect the floors, and will help get dust/dirt off of the surface of the floor. You can also use common window cleaner to get up more serious stains or scuffs on vinyl flooring.
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