Best Way to Curl Hair?


The best way to curl hair is to use a steam setter. Electric irons and rollers are too damaging, do not hold for long and take too long. Steam setters set any type of hair and hair that sets can hold them up for two days. They also protect your hair from damage as the moisture in the steam counteracts it and take only take 5-10 minutes to lock in waves.
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How to Curl Hair
Women love to curl their hair for many different reasons. Some do it daily for their work, some do it to give their hair a bouncy look for a special event, and others do it to please the partner in their lives. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help... More »
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The best way to curl your hair is through using a steam setter. Electric irons and rollers do more harm to your hair, and the curls do not last long.
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Curling short hair may seem like a daunting task. However with the proper curling iron, or hot rolls you can curl any length of hair. Start with a hot curling iron and curl appropriately
well now you ccan use a wand it is a amesome curling iron!
Following the right tips on how to curl your hair will give you whatever curly style you want, whether they be tight spirals or loose waves. Gone are the days of sleek and over straightened
Cut an old t-shirt or towel into strips approximately four to five inches long and one to two inches in width. For waves or big curls you'll need fewer strips than for tighter curls
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