What Is the Best Way to Cut Carpet?


There are many tools available for cutting carpet. A sharp utility razor knife or scissors will work. However the best cut will come from a carpet knife. This knife is twice as sharp as a utility knife and is shaped differently.
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1. Turn the carpet upside down so the bottom of the carpet is facing up. Locate the threads holding the outer coil in place. Cut the threads with a seam ripper. Continue cutting threads
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The traditional old style carpet knife has a big hooked blade that helps
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Easy Ways to Cut Carpet
Whether you are creating a rug from an existing carpet or re-sizing carpet to fit a room, you can save money by doing it yourself. Armed with knowledge, the right equipment and a little confidence in your sense of design, you can even make your own rug... More »
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The best way to cut a carpet is by first, drawing a straight line down to the length of the carpeting where you want to cut. You can then use a carpet knife to score the draw line and then finish cutting using carpet shears.
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