What Is the Best Way to Cut Foam?


To best cut foam, first place the polyfoam on a flat surface, then mark the shape of the seat with chalk, making a visible line, then position the electric knife perpendicular to the foam, and turn the knife on, cutting all the way around the chalk line, then set the excess foam aside. Finally inspect the seat pad for uneven edges.
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How to Cut Foam?
When you think of foam, what comes to mind? There are foam mattresses, memory foam, foam sheets for crafts, acoustic foam, upholstery foam and many other types. In this article, you will learn how to cut them all.... More »
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Cutting a foam depends on what shapes you're talking about. Cutting becomes more difficult the thicker the foam becomes. If your foam is relatively thin, you will be able to use a large scissor. You may need to use the X-Acto knife which helps you make clean cuts.
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To cut foam rubber, you can use a razor knife. If it's big, an electric carving knife will work better or even a band saw. You can use a sharpie to draw where you need to cut, using
1. If the shape that needs to be cut out of the foam padding is a simple one, such as a square or rectangle, use the measuring tape to measure the dimensions the foam padding needs
Answer With a very sharp X-acto knife and a metal straightedge. It takes several passes to cut through the board so be patient. Make sure you have a metal straightedge that has a
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