What is the best way to dispose of horse manure?


According to the Department of Animal Science at the University of Connecticut, there are several options for disposing of horse manure. Some of the best are renting a sanitation company dumpster to have it hauled off or giving the manure to a landscaper or local farmer. Since manure is good for hay and crop fields, horse manure is highly sought after by farmers.

To avoid having horse manure hauled off every day, horse owners need a storage site for effective manure management, according to the Department of Animal Science. The size needed for storage is directly related to how many horses an individual owns. On average, an adult horse can produce between 40 and 50 pounds of manure a day. This means that one horse produces between 7 to 9 tons of manure a year. It is recommended to devote a 12-yard storage space to keep the manure of one 1,000-pound horse.

Unless a horse owner is planning to haul off manure every day, there are certain regulations that go along with manure storage. For example, it has to be stored at least 200 feet away from water, including private wells, according to the Department of Animal Science. If it is a public well, the horse manure must be stored at least 500 feet away. Horse manure also must be stored at least 50 feet away from property lines.

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The Best Way to Dispose of Horse Manure
Whether you are riding on a trail or your horse is in your stable, it produces manure, lots of manure. Not only for appearance sake, but also for health and safety, it is important to clean up after your horse. Thankfully, horse manure is relatively dry... More »
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