What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Ants?


Ants can be such a nuisance in the house especially when you have tried different methods of getting rid of them. The best way of getting rid of ants is using chalk that contains tac which will repel the ants. There are other ways of getting rid of ants such as using vinegar, cinnamon and even pesticides.
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1. Clean up your kitchen. If you hope to keep ants out once you've gotten rid of them, keep your counters crumb-free and store all of your food in air-tight storage containers. Clean
Learning how to get rid of ants is essential to keeping your home free of these bothersome pests. Ants are very difficult to get rid of, once they've established that your home will
For those ants currently within the dishwasher, simply run a wash cycle. Then, it is helpful to determine the kind of ant. This will allow you to better select products and methods
Windex works really well. my house was infested with ants, but not anymore. just spray the ants or leave individual puddles of it around the house and they will stop dead.
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How to Get Rid of Ants
Before attempting to get rid of ants, determine whether the ants are nesting outside or inside a home, locate the nest and use a proper spray or granular product. Find out how to use a hand-held fertilizer spreader to apply a granular product with help... More »
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You can get rid of ants using vinegar, old cinnamon, cloves, mint and cayenne pepper among others. These have the ability to repel ants. In addition, you should also find out where the ants enter your house from, and seal such areas and cracks as soon as possible.
Buy a spray at your local grocery store. You can spray the specialty spray where the ants are and they should die within a couple of minutes.
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