Best Way to Kill Ants?


Purchase pipe tobacco from your local store,soak it in warm water overnight,use gloves,decant the liquid and throw away the soggy tobacco,pour the liquid over the anthill and they will overdose on nicotine and die. Follow the trail of ants to determine where they come into the house,locate the holes and fill the holes with soap or white glue,apply baby powder on the trail of ants.If ants enter the house from the windows, use chalk around the window frame.
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How to Kill Ants
Before killing ants, it's best to determine what kind of ants are being dealt with, because different ants have different methods of survival. Find out how to kill ants with different types of bait with help from a pest control technician in this free... More »
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The best way to ensure that the ants are killed is by finding the ant colony or placing baits along the trails that the ants follow. Equal measures of borax and jelly/syrup placed in the path of the ants is highly effective in killing them as is the same solution poured into the ant colony. This is because both these methods kill the ant queen. Should one be unable to get rid of the ants using this simple technique they can simple hire someone to exterminate the ants by spraying insecticide into the colony.
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Boric acid or borax will do the job. Sprinkle it on/around the trails they make. Embed Quote
To kill red ants you need to get a bowl and mix equal parts of boric acid, non toxic, and powdered sugar. You need to mix it really good and sprinkle it on top of the ant hill.
1. Mix 1 part boric acid, often sold under the name Borax, with 1 part pure organic sugar. 2. Leave the mixture in small shallow bowls in the way of the fire ant line and sprinkle
Learning how to kill ants can be an important skill in the face of an ongoing infestation. Once foraging ants find a source of food or water in your home, they'll mark it with a special
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