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The best way to polish shoes is by first cleaning dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes. Then select a can of cr ¨me shoe polish that matches the leather you want to polish. Make use of a shoe polish brush to apply the cr ¨me polish to the surface of the leather. Wait for around 15 minutes for the polish to dry. Brush shoes with a shoeshine brush then buff to a gleaming shine using a clean cotton cloth.
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How to Polish Shoes
A lot of people often forget how important a nicely polished shoe looks with a good outfit. We've always spent more time and perhaps more money on our outfits, and some people have never learned how to care for or polish their shoes. It's a significant... More »
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Before you start polishing your shoes you have to remove the mud and dust from the upper sole and heel. If the mud is dry wet the shoe with cold water and a rug and a soon as the mud has been scrubbed of you may start polishing. Apply shoe polish to the brush and wipe the arc area from the sole and the heel of the shoe. Add more polish to the brush and clean all parts of the shoes repeatedly, then after your done with polishing you may expose the shoes in the sunlight for the to shine.
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First clean all dirt and soil off the shoes. Apply polish with soft rag, Heat up polish on shoes with lighter briefly, buff with cloth, SPIT, and buff til shiny.
I'm in the ATC and my NCO team have a trick that uses white vinegar cotton wool balls and parade gloss. 1) soak one cotton wool ball in the white vinegar that you have poured in to
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They do in fact make white shoe polish that functions much like regular black or brown polish, but this isn't intended for patent (shiny) leather. I'm looking for that answer myself
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Begin applying the shoe polish by using a soft polishing rag. Wrap the side of the cloth around your index and middle fingers on the hand you will use to do the ...
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