What is the best way to remove gum from clothing?


According to HowStuffWorks, chewing gum can be removed from clothing with ice cubes and a blunt-edged knife. The first step is to fill a freezer-safe plastic bag with ice cubes. The next step is to place the bag on the gum and allow it to sit until the gum hardens. After the gum has hardened, scrape the gum off of the garment with the knife.

Once the majority of the gum is removed, it is important to spot-treat any remaining stains with one part white distilled vinegar and one part liquid soap, and follow up with a regular wash cycle. For delicate fabrics, the gum can be removed using the ice method, and any remaining stains should be assessed and removed by a professional dry cleaner.

In addition to ice, hardened gum on clothing can also be removed with petroleum jelly, but it is important for individuals using this method to immediately treat the fabric once the gum is removed to ensure prompt removal of grease. Gum that is stuck in the hair or on the bottom of shoes can be easily removed by covering the gum with peanut butter, as the oil in peanut butter works to stiffen the base of the gum.

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How to Remove Gum from Clothing
While not as nasty as chewing gum in the hair, chewing gum on your clothes can be an icky mess--especially if it has been through the dryer. Fortunately, it's easy to fix this problem.... More »
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Gum on your clothes can be challenging to remove. However, it's possible to completely remove stuck gum using the freezer method below.
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