What Is the Best Way to Shave Your Face?


The best way to shave your face is to trim the hair with clippers if it's a full beard. After washing your face, apply some shaving oil before applying the shaving cream then start with one side of your face working steadily towards the other side, doing small sections at a time with the right blade. After you are done rinse your face and wipe with a cloth then apply aftershave.
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How to Shave Your Face
Shaving not only makes a man look well groomed, but younger, too. When you shave, you're exfoliating the skin by getting rid of dead cells. Here's how to do it correctly.... More »
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Either take a hot shower or apply a hot, wet towel to your face for thirty seconds. This will open up your pores, making whiskers softer and easier to cut. Use a cream or a gel. They offer a better protective barrier between the blade and your skin.
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