Best Way to Stretch Leather Shoes?


One tried and true way to stretch leather shoes is the ice method. Fill a sturdy plastic bag three-fourths of the way full with water, and seal the top securely to avoid leaks. Place the bag of water into the shoe you want to stretch, and make sure the bag takes up excess space in the area where the shoe is too tight. Place the shoe in the freezer, and allow the water to freeze completely and stretch the material before removal. As the water freezes it will naturally expand and stretch the leather. Although this method does not result in a custom fit, it will stretch the material if the bag expands the interior of the shoe in the right locations.
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1. Let your feet help stretch the shoes; wear them at home for short periods of time. Put on a pair of thin socks with the shoes and walk around the room a few times before removing
Stretching Leather Shoes. Sometimes rubbing the area that needs streching with alcohol while the shoe is on works. Another option. Take it to a shoe repair shop. They carry a stretcher
Hold the shoe from the bottom and knead it back and forth
go to a shoe store and buy liquid shoe-stretch and then put it on the shoes and wear them around the house a couple of hours - you may have to repeat this but the shoes will mould
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How to Stretch Leather Shoes
Those brand-new shoes look attractive, but they are just a little too tight and rigid to be comfortable. Quality leather shoes are made to stretch to conform to your foot, but the leather is only going to stretch a small amount. You probably can't... More »
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There are several ways to stretch leather shoes. The easiest and best way to stretch leather shoes is to wear them. While the process may cause some discomfort, the leather shoe will conform to your foot in just a few days. To do this process quickly, put on a pair of athletic socks, put your foot in the shoe and wear them around the house for two to three hours a night until they are comfortable.
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There are different ways of stretching shoes and the best way would depend on you. The different ways would include traditional home stretching remedies like wearing ...
A pair of leather shoes can be stretched using ice or a mixture of water and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. When using ice, fill a plastic paper with water and place ...
To soften leather shoes can be done by taking a newspaper and dampen it then place the balls of newspaper in the shoes, also you can try stretching and manipulating ...
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