What Is the Best Way to Tenderize Stew Meat?


Stew meat refers to meat cubes cut from cuts of meat like flank and circular roasts. The best way to tenderize stew meat is by braising it. This means cooking the meat in a slow manner in a tiny water amount.
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I take well wrapped meat (can be put in a gallon zip top bag with most of the air expelled) and put it in a large pot of cold water. It's the fastest way to defrost and seems to keep
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The most effective way is low, slow, moist heat. Braising and
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The Best Way to Tenderize Stew Meat
Stew meat is often cubes of meat cut from lesser cuts of meat, such as chuck, flank and round roasts. Because the stew meat comes from a portion of the animal that is exercised regularly, it is very lean and requires long, slow cooking to become tender.... More »
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