How do you wash new towels?


New towels should be washed prior to use as directed on the tag. For the first wash only, one cup of vinegar should be added during the wash cycle to set the towel's color and prevent fading over time.

New towels often look extremely soft and fluffy on the shelf because many manufacturers coat them in a special fabric softener. While this fabric softener makes the towels look nice, it negatively affects their ability to absorb water, making it important to wash towels prior to their first use. After washing, towels should be dried in the dryer on a low heat setting.

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How to Wash Towels
To wash towels, run them through the washing machine on a hot setting to kill bacteria, place them in the dryer and always use dryer sheets to prevent static cling. Clean towels regularly, making sure not to over stuff the machine tub, with advice from a... More »
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