What Is the Best Workout to Get ABS for a 11 Year Old?


The best workout to get abs for an 11 year old is to do some cardio first. This can be walking, jogging, biking, or playing sports. You can then incorporate some sit ups or crunches to really tone those muscles.
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1. Check your form. Whether you are doing crunches, sit ups or any other ab workout, your form is key to performing the workout correctly. For example, during crunches, you are lifting
1. Consider genetics; Luciano Pavarotti will never have abs like Mark Wahlberg's because it's just not in the cards. Even if Mr. Pavarotti diets and follows the best workout routine
What 'Abdominals' are you attempting to challenge? In geek speak, the abdominals to me actually refer to to the trunk of the body and includes all the muscles that wrap all the way
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Healthy play and exercise is great for young teens and children. To find out exactly what you should be doing at 11 years old you want to speak with your pediatrician ...
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