Biggest Great White Shark Ever?


The biggest great white shark has a length of a full grown great white is four to four point eight metres , with a weight of six hundred and eighty to one thousand one hundred kilograms, females generally being larger than males. But the question of the common maximum size of a great white shark has been subject to much debate, conjecture, and misinformation.
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The biggest great white ever caught was a female of 6.4 meters, which was caught in Cuba in 1945. It weighed 3312 kilos and it's girth reached 4.5 meters.
The largest Great White caught recorded at 6.1-metre long female
The biggest great white shark ever recorded was caught in Cuban waters in 1945 and was 21.3 feet long!
There has been a lot of debate as to the largest great white. Most experts say it will grow to about 20-21 feet and weigh close to 4000 lbs.. The IGFA world record is a 2664 lb great
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The largest accurately measured great white shark was 20 feet long.
The female shark was captured off of Canada's Prince Edward Island in 1988.
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Though there seems to be quite a bit of discrepancy among differing online reports, it is believed by many that the biggest Great White shark ever seen was discovered ...
The Great White Shark is average between 3.7 metres to 4.9 metres long or 12 to 16 feet long. The biggest great white shark on record was 7 metres long or 23 feet ...
The largest great white shark ever caught measured 12.5 metres. This huge monster was caught in west coast of the Azores Islands by a Portuguese fishing trawler. ...
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