What Is the Biggest Hurricane?


As of 2012, the biggest recorded hurricane was Hurricane Carla. The tornado was one of two category five cyclones that occurred during the 1961 hurricane season. Evacuation was done early enough so only 43 people died. However, the storm caused the US over $2 million in damages.
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The largest tropical cyclone (the type of storm that a hurricane is) on record was Typhoon Tip in October of 1979.
In 1780, Francois-Pierre Aime Argand (who lived from 1755 to 1803) invented a lamp with a glass chimney to protect the flame. This first version of what is now referred to as a hurricane
Believe it or not, Katrina really wasn't that strong, it was where it landed. Katrina made landfall at a Cat 3. The biggest hurricane in the world was actually a Typhoon in the pacific
The names of hurricanes don't have anything to do with their category. Every topical storm gets a name in alphabetical order. There's a list of names for each year in advance. For
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The biggest hurricanes are called category 5 storms. The Saffir-Simpson scale is what is used to rank these large and potentially destructive storms. The criteria for a category 5 is sustained winds of 155 mph or greater, Damage resulting from a storm of this magnitude is expected to be catastrophic. You can find more information here: http://www. nhc. noaa. gov/aboutsshs. shtml
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