What breed of rottweiler is the biggest?


There is only one kind of rottweiler dog, because it is a breed itself. The average height of a male is 24 to 27 inches, while a female is usually between 22 and 25 inches.
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KC doesn't keep heights. Yes KC does keep heights especially if its a large dog.
The Rottweiler is a very devoted, family dog that needs a lot of attention and exercise. Failure to exercise and give adequate work to your herding dog, like a Rottweiler, can lead
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That they don't live longer.
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Other dog breeds:
The biggest breed of the Rottweiler dog is the Vom Keiser Wappen and it is a German Rottweiler breeder. Other big Rottweiler dogs are the Rottweiler vom Zipfelbach, Chandlerhaus Rottweilers, Von Legendehaus Rottweilers and Ritter Von Camelot.
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