What breed of rottweiler is the biggest?


There is only one kind of rottweiler dog, because it is a breed itself. The average height of a male is 24 to 27 inches, while a female is usually between 22 and 25 inches.
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KC doesn't keep heights. Yes KC does keep heights especially if its a large dog.
The average weight of a full grown Rottweiler is 110 to 130 pounds.
That dogs (and other animals) feel less pain than humans.
In 1989, Zorba, an English Mastiff was recorded to be the largest dog in the world
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Other dog breeds:
The biggest breed of the Rottweiler dog is the Vom Keiser Wappen and it is a German Rottweiler breeder. Other big Rottweiler dogs are the Rottweiler vom Zipfelbach, Chandlerhaus Rottweilers, Von Legendehaus Rottweilers and Ritter Von Camelot.
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