What Is the Biggest Shrimp?


The biggest shrimp was found in Cartagena, Columbia. It was almost 16 inches long and was found by a biologist. The largest shrimp is the Black Tiger shrimp and can be found in Asia.
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The largest species of shrimp is called the black tiger shrimp usually caught of the south eastern shores of Asia. The largest one I've heard of was one some guy caught in Columbia
A shrimp is a tasty little crustacean found in both salt and fresh water. Rock, pink and snapping shrimp are a few of the varieties that exist. Some species can live to be over 6
Mysis shrimp are small crustaceans. They get their name from their shrimp-like appearance. Mysis belong to the group Peracarida, which literally means "near-shrimp. They are
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