What was the biggest snake ever found?


The biggest snake ever found was an Anaconda which measured an astounding 8.5 metres and weighed over 225 kilograms. However, palaeontologist found fossils of a snake measuring 13 metres and weighing almost 1.1 tonnes. It was known as the Titanoboa.
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The python holds the world's record for length of a snake, with the longest ever measured at 33 feet.
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3845750/ 49 foot python found in indonesia
The longest snake ever found was a
karls is the second smallest? lol and mine is the second biggest.
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The Titanoboas were the largest of all the snakes. This prehistoric snake roamed earth around the same time as the dinosaurs. The largest skeleton found measured over 42 feet. The widest part of the snake would have come up to the waist of an average sized man. I'm glad I didn't live in the age of dinosaurs!
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