Bimetallic Strip Used for?


A bimetallic strip is a temperature-sensitive mechanical device. It consists of a strip made up of two metals of different coefficients of expansion welded together, and expand at different rates when heated.
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The bimetallic strips were mostly used in thermostats, fire alarms, clocks, thermometers, heat engines, electrical and bells. The metal strip is commonly used to convert a temperature change into mechanical displacement and it consists of two strips of different metals that expand at different rates.
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Bimetallic strips are useful in science experiments. They show you how one type of metal has a different thermal expansion rate than the other.
As a bimetallic strip is connected to a current, it will deform from the heat and bend away, disconnecting it. When it cools, it bends itself back onto a contact, repeating the cycle
The strip consists of two strips of different metals which
( ¦bī·mə′tal·ik ′strip ) (engineering) A strip formed of two dissimilar metals welded together; different temperature coefficients of expansion
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A bimetallic strip is used to convert a temperature change into mechanical displacement. The strip is consist of two strips with different metals which expand ...
In physics, a bimetallic is a strip with metals that have different coefficients of expansion, which are fused together and buckles when heated. It is mostly used ...
The bimetallic strip works in electric iron's thermostats as 'switch' to control the temperature of the iron. The strip is comprised of two metals fused together ...
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