What Is the Birth Flower for July?


The birth flower for July is Larkspur also known as Delphinium. The symbol of Larkspur is lightness and swiftness. The long spur of the flower reminds people of the nose of a dolphin; thus, delphinium, the Greek word meaning 'dolphin'. The spur also reminds some people of parts of the lark: thus, larkspur, lark's heel and lark's claw.
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It is the larkspur.
July's birth flower is the Larkspur which symbolizes an open heart and ardent
Fotolia.com While summer is the warmest time of year, it is also the most prolific for blooming flowers. July-blooming flowers are commonly bright and colorful and able to withstand
Its the LarkSpur! Maybe get a crab hagning by its claw by the 1/4 moon. Since Cancer is a moon child! Ruby is the gemstone.
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The July Birth Flower is the Larkspur whose meaning is an open heart and ardent attachment
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