What Is the Birthstone for Aries?


The birthstone for Aeries is the bloodstone and the diamond. In addition to Zodiac stones, Jasper is listed as Planetary stone for Aeries and topaz as the Talismanic stone.
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The birthstone for Aries April 9th is: Diamond. The colour is white, very clear.
The birthstone for Aries is diamond. Alternative birthstones include Bloodstone, Topaz
Aries is from March 21-April 19. If you are born in March your birth stone is Aquamarine. If you are born in April your birthstone is the Diamond! report this answer. Updated on Thursday
diamond because we are the best and we shine like diamonds. i bet leos wish they had that one. ruby is for cancer, i think. the main birth stone for aries is diamond. but everyone
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Birthstone for Aries varies but the main one associated with Aries is the diamond. Alternate stones which are identifiable with Aries include sapphire, Jasper, aquamarine, Topaz and bloodstone. People who fall under the zodiac sign of Aries are said to be loyal, patriotic and confident.
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