What is the birthstone for Aries?


There are two Aries birthstones: aquamarine and diamond. The zodiac sign Aries encompasses the dates from March 21 to April 19, so the March birthstone is aquamarine, and the April birthstone is diamond.

Aquamarine is a turquoise-colored stone comprised of the mineral beryl. Qualities such as friendship, loyalty and bravery are associated with the stone. Due to the tranquil ocean-like colors of aquamarine, the stone provides a calming effect.

A diamond is a white-hued clear stone that is comprised of the element carbon. It symbolizes relationships, energy and purity. This surprisingly common stone is the most popular gemstone in the world.

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The birthstone for Aries April 9th is: Diamond. The colour is white, very clear.
Aries is Bloodstone, Diamond Leo is Tourmaline, Sardonyx,
Aries is from March 21-April 19. If you are born in March your birth stone is Aquamarine. If you are born in April your birthstone is the Diamond! report this answer. Updated on Thursday
diamond because we are the best and we shine like diamonds. i bet leos wish they had that one. ruby is for cancer, i think. the main birth stone for aries is diamond. but everyone
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