What Is the Birthstone for Leo?


The Zodiac sign of Leo includes five stones: onyx, carnelian, sardonyx, golden topaz, and tourmaline. In addition to the Zodiac stones, rock crystal is listed as the Planetary stone for Leo and diamond as the Talismanic Stone.
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Joe- August peridot. Nick -September Sapphire. Kevin- November topaz. Joe- August peridot. Nick -September Sapphire. Kevin- November topaz.
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The birthstone for Leo is the Peridot. Leo also responds to onyx, diamond, Ccarnelian, sardonyx and ruby. The tradition of giving gifts of jewellery containing these stones dates back thousands of years. The Peridot is believed to conduct the energies of the sun.
The birthstone for Leo can be either the Ruby or the Peridot depending on your date of birth. If you are a July Leo then your stone would be the Ruby. If you happen to be a August Leo then your stone is the Peridot.
Leo covers July 23 until August 23. If you were born in June then your birthstone is Pearl, if you were born in July then your birthstone would be a Ruby.
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