What Is the Birthstone for Virgo?


Virgo, the Virgin, is the second sign of the Earth triplicity and the sixth sign of the tropical zodiac. The planet Mercury, governing our intellect and communicative faculties, rules Virgo, where tradition also places the house of his exaltation, so Virgins have a truly intellectual, critical and analytical approach to life.
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The colors of birthstones and the meaning of the colors. . Traditional -
The birthstone for Virgo is the blue sapphire, the Gem of Destiny. It will help your dreams come true.
Sept birthstone is Sapphire
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The birthstone of Virgo is the blue sapphire. The birthstone sapphire is believed to conduct the energies of the planet. Some of the properties with which the Sapphire is associated include truth, insight, sincerity and interpretation.
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The star sign of the Virgo is that of Mercury which indicates their luck color would be silver. The Virgo has five birthstones which they claim. These stones includes ...
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