What is the bedroom game "Blindfold"?


A blindfold bedroom game refers to any sexual activity that requires one or both partners to use blindfolds. What transpires can be characterized as a game and can be varied, limited only by the imaginations and inventiveness of the participating individuals.

Loss of the sense of sight can enhance the other senses, thereby increasing sensual pleasures. Because one partner cannot see the face of the other, participants may experience reduced inhibitions. Reduced inhibitions on the part of one or both individuals is likely to increase the range of experimental activities that take place.

One variation of the blindfold game centers on the use of food. The type of food is up to the participants but usually includes sweets that can be licked, such as strawberry jam, honey and chocolate syrup. The game consists of placing dollops of these treats in erogenous zones of one partner while the blindfolded partner is left to lick her way to where the food portions are located.

Another blindfold game requires the man to be blindfolded. His partner uses various objects, such as a beaded necklace or a feather duster, to stroke his member, which is highly sensitive to a range of textures, temperatures and touches.

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There are many blindfold games, pin the tail on the donkey is one. You are blind folded &
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Awesome game, but beware wer you walk. You may want a small group of girls or a sexlcond non blind folded person. Other wise very good choice.
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