What Is the Boiling Point of Ethanol?


The boiling point for ethanol is 78 ° C. Ethanol is an unstable, flammable as well as colourless liquid that is used as a psychoactive drug and is one of the oldest recreational drugs.
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Ethanol has a boiling point of 78.5 degrees C and a freezing point of
Oxygen monoxide.
Urea melt at approx. 135. 0. C; after this temperature urea is thermally decomposed.
No one knows, a determination is impossible with only some unstable atoms.
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Ethanol is a colorless liquid which is flammable. It is also known as ethyl alcohol. The molecular formula of ethanol is C2H6O. Its boiling point is 78.4 degree Celsius or 173 degree Fahrenheit or 352 Kelvin.
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