What is the bright star in the Southeast?


The bright start in the South East is known as Sirius. It is usually seen during the evening twilight when it is dark enough if you look to the East and Southeast. It is considered one of the brightest stars in the entire night sky.
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It is probably Arcturus - a red supergiant in the constellation Bootes.
It is Venus, Venus lies west of the Sun, so it rises a few hours before
If you're looking south west then it's Venus and it's currently just about at its brightest. Brant, I think South East refers to the geographical region of England rather than the
I would say it is Venus. if you can still see it around 9 am. I would say it is definitely Venus, To be sure I'll ask my best mate tomorrow who knows more than anyone about astronomy
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Jupiter is the brightest star in the South East sky. Rising just an hour or two after sunset, Jupiter and the moon can be viewed for the rest of the night among the faint stars of the constellation Pisces the Fish.
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