What is the "Bullet Train"?


The "Bullet Train" is an informal name for the Shinkansen, a network of high-speed inter-city railway lines in Japan operated by four Japan Railways Group companies. They are called "bullet trains" because of their elongated, tapered metal appearance, which resembles a speeding silver bullet.

Shinkansen means "New Main Line." The tracks are designed with no level crossings or other obstacles. The trains are very fast and remarkable for their quietness. There are three train categories: Nozomi, the fastest and most expensive, with 100-percent-reserved seating; Hikari and Kodama. Multiple lines criss-cross the country, and most trains run on tracks exclusively built for and used by Shinkansen trains.

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The term bullet train refers to the high speed Japanese commuter rail system. It runs on standard guage track and is powered by 25,000 V AC overhead electricity. By powering the train
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bullet train: a high-speed passenger train
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bullet train
a high-speed passenger train, as on certain routes in Japan.
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The first bullet train was invented in 1964 by Hideo shima from Tokyo Japan. It was launched on October and coincided with the Tokyo Olympics. ...
The bullet train, Japanese Shinkansen train, works with the use of electricity. A twenty or twenty-five thousand overhead volt AC power supply electrically powers ...
Bullet trains, also called maglev trains, operate with magnetic levitation technology developed by Japanese and German engineers. Japanese engineers refer to their ...
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