What is the capital of Kuwait?


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The Capital of Kuwait is Kuwait.
Largest City: Kuwait City (1,790,000 people)
Capital of:
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The capital of Kuwait is the city of Kuwait (aka. Kuwait City.
The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait City. Thanks for using ChaCha.
The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait. The country borders the Persian Gulf, between Iraq & Saudi Arabia.
capital of Kuwait; Koweit; Kuwait; Kuwait City
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Kuwait City began in the 1700s as a relatively small mud-walled city that earned money from fishing, pearling and trading. After a period of wealth in the 18th and 19th centuries, the city's economy began to decay in the 20th century. However, with the discovery of oil, the city's economy started flourishing after World War II. The city tore down most of its mud wall in 1957, and it began building luxury apartments, modern roads, sophisticated financial centers and elegant parks, creating today's advanced metropolis.

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