What Is the Capital of Lapland?


The regional capital of Lapland is Rovaniemi. It is located in the proximity of the Arctic Circle is between the hills of Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara. The area has a total area of 8,016.72 square kilometres and an approximate population of 60,000 people.
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Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is an intriguing mixture of urban life and arctic activities, while Kittilä and Kuusamo are perfect getaway locations for anyone looking for the coolest winter sports. Far, far away in the north of Finnish Lapland,there is a mysterious mountain called Korvatunturi. The capital of Santa's realm. The capital of Lapland is a perfect kick-start for your winter adventure.
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the capital of lapland is rovaniemi.
Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland. *Dance the ChaCha*
Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is the home of Santa Claus from Finland.
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