What Is the Capital of Madagascar?


The capital of Madagascar is a city known as Antananarivo, a centrally located city with a population of about 1.4 million. The city's location makes all parts of the country easily accessible from there. There's quite a number of church buildings in the city, owing to the religions of the various ethnicities that live there.
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The capital city of Madagascar is Antananarivo.
Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, has an international airport.
The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. The country is located off the coast of Southern Africa.
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The Capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo.
Largest City: Tananarive (1,820,000 people)
Capital of:
Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar which is the world's fourth largest island. The city was founded in the 17th century. Its former name was Tananarive. Madagascans refer to it as Tana.
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