What Is the Capital of Russia?


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The Capital of Russia is Moscow.
Largest City: Moscow (13,500,000 people)
Capital of:
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Saint Petersbourg.
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Moscow is not only the capital of Russia but also the music and nightlife
Moscow is the capital and the largest city in Russia with a population of about 9,500,000 people. WOW!
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Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It is the most northern city in the world with a population above ten million. Moscow has served as the capital of Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Tsardom of Russia, the Soviet Union and today the executive branch of the Government of Russia.
The capital city of Russia is Moscow. It is the most populous city in Europe and is a major political, educational, religious, scientific, cultural and financial and transportation centre of Russia and the European continent. It has a population of over 10,000,000 people and is the city with the greatest number of billionaires.
Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It is the oldest city in the country and got the privilege of being the capital in 1918. Moscow remains one of the most captivating and charming cities in the world.
Moscow is the capital of Russia, it is a place where people are stylish and dresses ver y well
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